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Dew Drop – July 23, 2012 (#1,369)

Top Links Roslyn Code Quoter tool – generating syntax API calls to generate any C# program (Kirill Osenkov) Announcing Gallio and MbUnit 3.4 (Yann Trevin) Bending Your Code Like Anders With C# Roslyn APIs – More About Syntax Trees (Anoop Madhusudanan) Stronger password hashing in .NET with Microsoft’s universal providers (Troy Hunt) Using requestAnimationFrame in […]

Dew Drop – December 23, 2011 (#1,226)

Next week’s Dew Drop posts will be a bit sporadic. I will be on vacation, enjoying some time at home with my family. Top Links A holiday.js gift for Azure Node.js developers (Glenn Block) Reactive Extensions (Rx) v1.0.10621 SP1 (MS Downloads) Codecademy Builds ‘Labs,’ A Web-Based Code Editor (Alexia Tsotsis) C#/.NET Fundamentals: Unit Testing with […]

Dew Drop – September 6, 2011

Top Links Hanselminutes Startup Series: Inside the DuckDuckGo Search Engine with Gabriel Weinberg (Scott Hanselman) jQuery 1.6.3 Released (Dave Methvin) NServiceBus 2.6 Released (Udi Dahan) Web Forms Model Binding Part 1: Selecting Data (ASP.NET vNext Series) (Scott Guthrie) Clarifying REST (Kelly Sommers)   .NET / Visual Studio Kinect SDK with F# (Ian Voyce) Working with […]