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Dew Drop – April 28, 2009

  Web Development JavaScript for C# developers: date basics (Julian M. Bucknall) To MVC or to WebForms? (Chad Myers) CMS vs Code It Yourself (Dave M. Bush) How I handle JSON dates returned by ASP.NET AJAX (Dave Ward) Tip#57: Did you know… How to manage web site configuration through a web interface (Deepak Verma) ASP.NET […]

Dew Drop – April 27, 2009

  Design / Methodology / Testing The Repository’s Daughter (Oren Eini) There is no right way (Chris Brandsma) Build the right feature, build the feature right! (David L.) Poco, Mef, and custom type systems. Are you ready to take the red pill? (Glenn Block) Design By Contracts meets Automated White box Testing (Jonathan de Halleux) […]

Dew Drop – March 14, 2009

  Happy π Day!   .NET / Visual Studio WCF REST Starter Kit Preview 2 is on CodePlex and Consuming the Twitter REST API with HttpClient (WCF REST Starter Kit) and Screencast: HttpClient + Twitter REST API in under 3 minutes (Aaron Skonnard) Solving Azure configuration problems (Gunnar Peipman) Introduction to HealthVault Development #10: Adding additional data […]