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Dew Drop – February 20, 2015 (#1959)

Top Links Make WPF Hawt Again (Michael Crump) Code Sharing Strategies for iOS & Mac (Michael James) IFTTT introduces three new apps to automate the world around you (Casey Newton) Roslyn Code Gems – Counting Bits (K. Scott Allen)   Web Development Key Trends in Building Enterprise Applications with HTML5 (Arthur Kay) Services in AngularJS […]

Dew Drop – January 26, 2015 (#1940)

Top Links Building C#/ASP.NET Apps on a Mac With vNext (Jeremy Morgan) A new library to display animated GIFs in XAML apps (Thomas Levesque) Creating a Task Application for iOS using Swift (Michael Crump) Separating Concerns in Methods (Jeremy Clark)   Web Development Providing State-Transformation Triggers Using $location In AngularJS and $route Must Be Injected […]

Dew Drop – July 28, 2014 (#1823)

Top Links Implementing truly timed Windows Phone app trials with Azure Mobile Services (Shawn Kendrot) Angularjs + TypeScript – setting up a basic application with Visual Studio 2013 (Joost van Schaik) Learn the Basics of Color Theory to Know What Looks Good (Mihir Patkar) A step by step guide to developing Visual Studio item templates […]