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Dew Drop – October 14, 2011

Top Links Let’s Get Chocolatey! Kind of like apt-get for Windows (Rob Reynolds) The Windows 8 Task Manager (Steven Sinofsky) Announcing The New SQL Azure Reporting CTP Release (Gregory Leake) The D in DVCS (Jimmy Bogard) ShoelaceMVC, My Newest Open Source Project – ASP.NET MVC 3 Starter Project for Building Fast AND Production Quality Webapps. […]

Dew Drop – August 2, 2011

Top Links Balsamiq Mockups 2.1! (Peldi Guilizzoni) 7 Chrome Tips Developers & Designers May Not Know (Elijah Manor) Techniques, Strategies and Patterns for Structuring JavaScript Code–The Prototype Pattern (Dan Wahlin) Text templating using Razor the easy way (Phil Haack)   .NET / Visual Studio Learn WCF RIA Service: Day 1 and Learn WCF RIA Service: […]