Dew Drop – December 25, 2009


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Top Links

Need test/sample/demo data that’s safe for public (and/or client) consumption? Then! (Greg Duncan) – Great find…

C9 Lectures: Dr. Erik Meijer – Functional Programming Fundamentals Chapter 13 of 13 (Charles Torre) – A great series of videos comes to an end. If you haven’t watched any of them, and you’re interested in functional programming, go back and start at chapter 1.


.NET / Visual Studio

Thoughts on EF vs NHibernate (Rob Conery)

What can EF 4.0 do that NHibernate can’t? and Responding to how EF is better NH commentary… (Oren Eini)

More LINQ with System.Interactive – Getting Started and Reader Challenge – Fault Handlers in C# (Bart de Smet)

If (Successful) { throw new Exception(); } (Brian Lagunas)

Heard from someone about the just released VS2010 B2 VM’s? Would like to get them but hate downloading them via the web site? Brian Keller has a download solution for you (and 7 Hands-on Labs too!) (Greg Duncan)

LINQ to SQL and missing Many to Many EntityRefs (Rick Strahl)


Web Development

corMVC initial release and qooxdoo reaches 1.0 (Michael Kimsal)

Trace.Writing in your web applications (Coding4Fun)

A Popup Insert control for Dynamic Data (Steve Naughton)

jQuery hoverImage plugin (Wesley Bakker)


Design / Methodology / Testing

Agile Tenet #5 – Motivated Individuals (Julie Stickler)

Customer Connected Engineering at patterns & practices (JD Meier)

Roy Osherove’s TDD Kata: My first attempt (Mark Needham)


Silverlight / WPF

Information for Silverlight HVP Developers… (Jesse Liberty)

Custom Content Loaders in Silverlight 4.0 (David Hill)

Day #24: Silverlight Outside The Browser (Part 2 of 3) (Jeff Blankenburg)

Novell and Microsoft cut out the GPL cancer from open-source Silverlight (Sebastian Anthony)


Podcasts / Screencasts / Videos

.NET Rocks! – Scott Stanfield: Silverlight Rock Star! (Carl Franklin)

Holiday Special – The office, Typemock-style (Gil Zilberfeld)


Community / Events

What is Community? (Steve Andrews)



SQL SERVER – CDC and TRUNCATE – Cannot truncate table because it is published for replication or enabled for Change Data Capture (Pinal Dave)


Being a writer, and having an editor. A Short Rant. (Jesse Liberty)

Cygwin 1.7 Adds Windows 7 Support and Many Improvements (Kevin Purdy)


More Link Collections

Silverlight Cream for December 24, 2009 — #762 and Silverlight Cream for December 25, 2009 — #763 (Dave Campbell)

MVVM LinksInfo (Lester Lobo)

WWD’s Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2009 (Simon Mackie)


The Geek Shelf

jQuery in Action



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