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Dew Drop – July 21, 2008

  Silverlight / WPF WPF Validation Simplified (Sacha Barber) Build a WPF Application: Part 0 (Christopher Bennage) Digging Deeper: Templates and the Visual State Manager (Jesse Liberty) Silverlight Drag, Drop, Import and Export (Michael Washington) Experiments in Building a Silverlight Photo Control (Part 4) (Mike Taulty)   .NET / Visual Studio Yet More on to […]

Dew Drop – July 12, 2008

  .NET / Visual Studio Audit Options with NHibernate and Refactoring DRY Tests with ReSharper’s Inline Method (Matt Hinze) A .NET Assembly for Cloning Objects with Arbitrary Field Value Changes: IcManipulator (Rick Minerich) Patterns & Practices Enterprise Library 4.0 and Visual Studio 2008 Webcast and Dependancy Injection with Microsoft Enterprise Library Unity Application Block Webcast (David Hayden) MSMQ, WCF […]