Dew Drop – November 10, 2010

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Top Links

November 2010 F# 2.0 Free Tools Update (Don Syme)

Announcing the ASP.NET MVC 3 Release Candidate (Scott Guthrie)

NuGet CTP 2 Released! and ASP.NET MVC 3 Release Candidate (Phil Haack)


.NET / Visual Studio

Reorganize the Default Item Templates (Zain Naboulsi)

Adding Multi-Value properties to untyped providers (Vitek Karas)

If You Use BackgroundWorker in .Net, Make Sure You Wrap Your Worker Method In Try (or risk missing the exception thrown) (Peter Kellner)

eBay Adds Microsoft’s OData Protocol for API Access (Daniel Luxemburg)

Creating Entity Data Model Without A Database With Entity Framework 4 (Deepak Kapoor)

Discovering race conditions using PostSharp (Dror Helper) a free platform for casual game developers (Karl Seguin)


Web Development

Formatting Dates, Times and Numbers in ASP.NET (Scott Mitchell)

Writing HTML5 Applications with Google App Engine, Google Closure Library and Clojure (Jean-Jacques Dubray)

Notes on The Big View Engine Comparison (Louis DeJardin)

Simple Semantics With Microformats, Part 4 (Emily Lewis)

Creating an HTML5 Game (Robby Ingebretsen)

Introducing the New YUI Test (Nicholas C. Zakas)

Web Page Performance in a Standards Compliant and Interoperable way (Anderson Quach)


Design / Methodology / Testing

Info Please: Tdd and Pair Programming (Brett Schuchert)

Beyond basic TDD (Gojko Adzic)

Effective Agile Meetings (Vikas Hazrati)

Chris Ducker: The Art of Managing a Virtual Team (Thursday Bram)

Mockingbird’s Wireframe Tool Now Sings To The Tune Of Real-Time Collaboration (Jason Kincaid)

Back to Basics: Cohesion and Coupling Part 2 (John Sonmez)


Silverlight / WPF / Windows Phone

Windows Phone 7 Development Tip: Use Concurrent Programming Techniques (Bart Czernicki)

Creating the slider toggle control for Windows Phone 7 – external state change (Dennis Delimarsky)

Blend Bits 16: Real Data (Mike Taulty)

A WPF Lab right in Visual Studio! (Carole Snyder)

Microsoft is in the driver’s seat for Windows Phone updates (Ed Bott)

Page Transition Animations and Windows Phone 7 (Karsten Januszewski)

Windows Phone From Scratch #5 – Data Binding (Jesse Liberty)

All-day Windows Phone Event in Albany–11/16 (Jim O’Neil)

Netflix Browser for Windows Phone 7 – Part 2 (Katka Vaughan)

RTM’d today: Windows Phone 7 Plain & Simple (Kim Spilker)

Windows Phone day one sales: 40k (so what does that mean?) (Kip Kniskern)

MVP Award Program Interviews MVP Ginny Caughey on Windows Phone 7 (Lonnie Webb)

Windows Phone 7 U.S. Release Day Review (Richard Hay)

WPF vs Silverlight, really? (Rockford Lhotka)

Using the Device Panel (Kirupa Chinnathambi)

This App Makes Use of Your Phone’s Data Connection (Adam Nathan)

Writing windows phone apps for SharePoint (Sudheer Kovalam)


Podcasts / Screencasts / Videos

ASP.NET Podcast Show 147 – WebMatrix/Razor Part II – audio (Wally McClure)

jQuery Podcast 39 – jQuery Mobile (Ralph Whitbeck & Rey Bango)

New Xbox 360 Transformer controller (Tina Wood)


Community / Events

Community, Community, Community, Community! (Mike Walsh)



November 2010 Version of SQL Server 2008 Diagnostic Information Queries (Glenn Berry)

What’s new in SSIS in Denali? (Jamie Thomson)

#Ebook Deal/Day: Save 50% on 10 Top SQL & Data Books – Celebrate #sqlpass Code DDDTA (O’Reilly Media)

Comparing MongoDB and SQL Server Replication (Jeremiah Peschka)

Drop all Connections to SQL Server Database (Suprotim Agarwal)

SQL SERVER – Get Database Backup History for a Single Database (Pinal Dave)

Download SQL Server Denali CTP and SQL Server Denali – Whats new for full text? and SQL Server Denali – Column Store indexes – The biggest thing in Denali (Simon Sabin)

First look at SQL Server Management Studio Denali and A first look at sequences in SQL Server Denali and Screenshots of the new look and feel of BIDS in Denali and Debugging In SQL Server Denali and Using OFFSET N ROWS FETCH NEXT N ROWS ONLY In SQL Server Denali for easy paging and Don’t install Denali BIDS side by side with a 2008 instance and The new Dynamic Management Views in SQL Server Denali (Denis Gobo)

SSMS Tools Pack 1.9.3 is out! (Mladen Prajdić)



SharePoint Server 2010 Search Architecture (MS Downloads)



Improving the Reach of Healthcare Through Mobile Technology (Tony Hey)

One Year Later: Windows 7 Deployment Trends (Paul Thurrott)

My Kinect Review (Christopher Bennage)

The Wonder of Light at The Smithsonian (Eric Havir)

Thought Leaders in the Cloud: Talking with Charlton Barreto, Technology Strategist at Intel (Robert Duffner)

Breathe With Skill to Dramatically Improve Your Health (J.D. Meier)


More Link Collections

Interesting Finds: November 9, 2010 (Jason Haley)

Silverlight Cream for November 09, 2010 — #989 (Dave Campbell)

Daily Cloud Feed – Nov 9, 2010 (Jian Zhen)

The Morning Brew #726 (Chris Alcock)


The Geek Shelf

Pro ASP.NET MVC 2 Framework, Second Edition (Expert’s Voice in .NET) by Steven Sanderson



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