Dew Drop – September 16, 2010

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.NET / Visual Studio

Obtaining the Last Inserted Identity in SQL Server (Richard Carr)

Can you make this code run any faster? (Oren Eini)

Generating data for tables in table per class inheritance tree using data generation plans (Gunnar Peipman)

Weather alerts on your Windows Phone 7 (Dennis Delimarsky)

Metro-style ComboBox for Windows Phone 7 (Dennis Delimarsky)

Cool eBook of the Day – “Threading in C#” (Greg Duncan)

How To: Create TFS 2010 Backup Plan (shair)

Edit Read-Only Files (Zain Naboulsi)

How to not automatically search for the currently selected word (Zain Naboulsi)


Web Development

Determine Your ASP.NET Page’s View State Size (Scott Mitchell)

Quick Tip – Disable/Enable Button by Textbox using jQuery (Gil Fink)

jQuery Tidbits : jQuery.each() (Kevin)

Confessions of a Ph.D. Student (Keyvan Nayyeri)


Design / Methodology / Testing

Patterns for Building Applications for Windows Azure (Abel Avram)

Using Lokad Maybe Monads to simplify Desktop UI for CQRS solutions (Rinat Abdullin) – Unit Testing Workflows (Ron Jacobs)


Silverlight / WPF / Windows Phone

Obfuscating Silverlight (Unknown Author)

Announcing SilverlightShow 5-day Windows Phone 7 Quiz! (crocusgirl)

Silverlight Cream for September 15, 2010 — #948 (Dave Campbell)

MSDN Radio: Windows Phone 7 UX with David Kelley (Emily)

Best Practices for Themes in Modular Silverlight Applications (Jeremy Likness)

Tips & Tricks: Session Management in Silverlight (Kunal Chowdhury)

How to be productive with Windows Phone 7 (Part 1) (Luke)

Windows Phone 7 Developer Launch Events (Sara Ford)

Silverlight Tour Fall Schedule (Shawn Wildermuth)


Podcasts / Screencasts / Videos

Charles Petzold Talks New UI (Carl Franklin & Richard Campbell)


Community / Events



Using Excel As A Reporting Services Datasource (Joe Webb)

Save SQL Snippets in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) ( (Suprotim Agarwal))

SQLAuthority News – What is an MVP? – How to become an MVP? (Pinal Dave)





Reading feeds with IE9 site mode and Google Reader (Unknown Author)

WP7 devices to allow USB tethering right out of the box (Unknown Author)

Book Review: Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking (Unknown Author)

A Google Health update (A Googler)

NPR API Architect Headed to Netflix (Adam DuVander)

Bing Previews a More Beautiful Search Experience in IE9 (Bing)

Bytes by MSDN: Juval Lowy and Joe Healy discuss Best Practices for Windows Azure and Service Bus (Bytes by MSDN)

How do I find good PHP developers? (calevans)

Free Threading and Parallelism/C++ Course from Intel (Charles_Sterling)

The Morning Brew #687 (Chris Alcock)

Prototype Preview (donny)

Internet Explorer 9 beta review: Microsoft reinvents the browser (Ed Bott)

geekSpeak Recording – PowerShell for .NET Developers with Doug Finke (Emily)

Is is as or is as is? (Eric Lippert)

Will Microsoft And Nokia Team Up To Take On Apple, Google? (Evelyn Rusli)

Making history explicit (Gabriel N. Schenker)

Web Camps TV #4 – IE9 Beta Special – Behind the Scenes of the Demo App (James Senior)

Index Black Ops Part 1 – Locks and Blocking (Jason Strate)

Great SL Competency Test Part 3 (Answer) (Jesse Liberty)

Scenes from TechDays Vancouver, Part 2 (Joey deVilla)

ExpandoObject, Mocks, and Tidy Tests (jp)

Internet Explorer 9 Beta is here: download and experiment (katriend)

The GeekDads Episode #76: Bacon on a Stick (Ken Denmead)

Telerik JustCode Developer License Giveaway worth $249 – 1 License (Kunal Chowdhury)

Keeping lists of frequently used assembly references (kzu)

Devscovery 2010 – Today is Quiz Day! (Laila)

IE9 Tab Aero Snap (Larry Larsen)

IE9 Site-Centric Frame (Larry Larsen)

IE9 Sites on the Taskbar (Larry Larsen)

IE9 New Tab Page (Larry Larsen)

Adobe releases 64-bit Flash Player ‘Square’ for Windows, Mac, and Linux (Lee Mathews)

Missing function for OData and Office (Marcelo’s WebLog)

Behind The Curtain – Episode #5 (Michael Lehman)

Does Microsoft accept online degrees? (Microsoft JobsBlog )

Automatic Resource File Translation via Google Translate (mikeceranski)

One Year of MonoTouch (MonoTouch (

Waste #6: Task Switching (mstine)

Event Sourcing: Underling Storage Engine Options ( (Jonathan Oliver))

HowTo: Introduction in to MetaWebLog API (oliver.guhr)

Ultimate PC 2010: New Power Supply (Pete Brown)

From Subversion to Git in a morning (piccoloprincipe)

dotCover 1.0 and dotTrace 4 Performance are Released! (r.demmer)

Custom Windows Workflow activity for dependency resolution–Part 1 (Rory)

Solution Explorer Tools (When to Sync to Current File) – Extension #11 (Sara Ford)

PSSCor2: Miscellaneous Commands (Sasha Goldshtein)

IE9, Site Specific Browsers, and adding your own Jump List Items to Pinned Tabs (Scott Hanselman)

The Ultimate Guide (of Five Things) for New IE9 users Who Fear Change (Scott Hanselman)

Encoding Workshop: Best Practices and Strategies (Silverlight Team)

How to enable IE9 pinning and JumpLists on your website (thebeebs)

Stephen Elop chants ‘Developers, developers, developers’ to close Nokia World (video) (Thomas Ricker)

Big Ball of Mud, Still the Most Popular Software Design (Vikas Hazrati)

LightSwitch is “The One” (

Are We Really Mobile Developers Anymore? (zablanc)


More Link Collections

Interesting Finds: September 15, 2010 (Jason Haley)

Daily Cloud Feed – Sep 15, 2010 (Jian Zhen)

Can a JavaScript file tell what URL requested itself? (Elijah Manor)

Cheatsheet: 2010 09.01 ~ 09.15 (yuanjian)

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