Dew Drop – September 20, 2010

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.NET / Visual Studio

Profiler new features, Sept Edition (Oren Eini)

Generating API Documentation (Oren Eini)

DZone’s Top 10 .NET Books (Mitch Pronschinske)

7 Freely available E-Books/Guides I found essential for .NET Programmers and Architects (Anoop Madhusudanan)

XNA Game Studio 4.0 Available for Download! (Kathleen Sanders)

Windows Phone 7 – Dev Tools RTW – What’s next? (Dennis Delimarsky)

C#/.NET – Two Things That Only Initializers Can Easily Do… (James Michael Hare)

Some Best Practices for C# Application Development (Kunal Chowdhury)

Improving the Visual Studio 2010 UI Menu System – Part 1 (mikefourie)

MSDN Flash Poll #8 – Mobile Devices (Mike Ormond)

Team Foundation Server 2010 Event Handling with Subscribers (Martin Hinshelwood)

Design time call stack with Resharper 5.0 (Merrick Chaffer)

Can’t remember the .Net String Formats? Always seem to have to search for them? Here’s a cheatsheet just for you… (Greg Duncan)

Implementing a ‘Money’ type in an ASP.NET MVC and NHibernate application. (Mike Hadlow)

How Conventions Can Massively Save Typing (Mike Hadlow)

F# Async Computation Expressions: A Tiny Model System (Neil)

How to Disable the IDE Navigator and Export Your Window Layouts and How to Run External Executables from the Command Window and Stop the Toolbox from Auto-Populating from the Solution (Zain Naboulsi)


Web Development

A question for Rubyists (Jimmy Bogard)

Bing Maps REST Services SDK (MS Downloads)

Basic Elements of a Cloud Service (David Lemphers)

Important: ASP.NET Security Vulnerability (Scott Guthrie)

Building a tagcloud with jQuery and ASMX Webservices (Jef Claes)

Dependency Injection into Controller Actions in ASP.NET MVC (Marcus Bratton)

HowTo: Facebook Connect & ASP.NET MVC (Oliver Guhr)

ASP.NET Custom Errors Security Flaw (Steve Smith)

Creating an ASP.NET Web Application and Deploying it to the Windows Azure Platform (Zhiming Xue)


Design / Methodology / Testing

Agile Friday: "Vision" Now Online (James Shore)

Article:Bad Attitudes of Agile (Christopher Goldsbury)

MSTest: Unit Test Adapter threw exception: Type is not resolved for member XXX (Jarosław Dobrzański)

Scenario-based Unit Tests for DDD with Event Sourcing (Rinat Abdullin)


Silverlight / WPF / Windows Phone

Expression Blend: Content for a ScrollViewer (Christian Schormann)

Data Binding Pivot Control WP7 MVVM (Unknown Author)

Windows Phone Developer Tools Are Final (Brandon Watson)

Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools Released (Scott Guthrie)

Windows Phone 7 developer resources (Daniel Moth)

On Silverlight (Oren Eini)

Silverlight, Out-Of-Browser and Multiple Windows and Blend Bits 9: Animations and Expression Encoder 4 Pro for Silverlight Video Players and Blend Bits 10: Being More Resourceful (Mike Taulty)

Making Your Windows Phone Games Show Up Under The Games Hub (Dani Diaz)

Announcing the Windows Phone 7 Developer Launch (Dave Isbitski)

Windows Phone 7 emulator – capturing traffic with Fiddler. Or WireShark. (Dennis Delimarsky)

WCF 4.0 service consumed in Silverlight 4.0 with cross domain (Dhananjay Kumar)

Version 1.1 of the F# Windows Phone 7 Templates (Daniel Mohl)

Vulnerability in ASP.Net (Fredrik Normen)

Windows Phone Developer Tools RTM (indyfromoz)

Inside Windows Phone #06: Panorama and Pivot are in the house! Woohoo!! (Jaime Rodriguez, Yochay Kiriaty)

Inside Windows Phone #05:Windows Phone Silverlight Toolkit (Jaime Rodriguez, Yochay Kiriaty)

Windows Phone 7 Developer Resources (jeffblankenburg)

Hosting HTML in Silverlight (not Out of Browser) (Jeremy Likness)

iPhone to Windows Phone 7 Tutorial: Objective-C, C#, Xaml (Jesse Liberty)

Project Greenfield: Learning SSIS (Joel Cochran)

Silverlight TV 45: Building a Bing Web and Image Search App for Windows Phone 7 Using Blend and Silverlight (John Papa)

Silverlight TV 45: Building a Bing Web and Image Search App for Windows Phone 7 Using Blend and Silverlight (John Papa)

Windows Phone RTM API changes (Koen Zwikstra)

Windows Phone 7 Demos: Netflix, Twitter, Flixster, OpenTable, Travelocity (Laura Foy)

Windows Phone 7 Event B-Roll (Laura Foy)

Scott Guthrie & Charlie Kindel celebrate Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools Release (Laura Foy)

Introducing Windows Azure Companion – Cloud for the masses? (Maarten Balliauw)

Reading Excel File in Silverlight 4.0 – COM Programming (Mahesh Sabnis)

From start to finish with the final version of Visual Studio Tools for Windows Phone 7 (mbcrump)

Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework 1.4.6 Released (Michael S. Scherotter)

Tracking Ad Clicks with the Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework on the Windows Phone (Michael S. Scherotter)

Resco MobileLight Toolkit Beta download available for Windows Phone 7 (nick)

Custom Placement within an ItemsControl in WPF (Pete Brown)

Windows Phone 7 Tools Final! (Shawn Wildermuth)

Building AgiliTrain’s Workshop Application for WP7 (Shawn Wildermuth)

Silverlight Performance Tip: Understanding the impact of Effects on performance (Silverlight Performance Team)

Announcing Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools (Somasegar)

Windows Phone 7 Developer Tips and Tricks (Tim Heuer)

Jump Start Part 2 (Andy Wigley)

Project and Item template support in Expression Blend (unnir)

Inside Windows Phone #07: Meet Some of the People Behind Windows Phone (Yochay Kiriaty)

Windows Phone Training Kit for Developers – RTM Refresh (Yochay Kiriaty)

MSDN Simulcast Event: Windows Phone 7 Developer Launch: Jump-Start Your Mobile Development, Oct. 12 (Zhiming Xue)


Podcasts / Screencasts / Videos

ARCast.TV: Cloud Computing is for Small Companies Too (MS Podcasts)

Let’s Play TDD #18: StockMarketYear–Done! (For Now) (James Shore)

C9 Lectures: Stephan T. Lavavej – Standard Template Library (STL), 5 of n and Inside the new Channel 9: Random Team Drive-By (Charles Torre)

PaloozaDC 2010 – Richard Cheng – Agile in the federal space. (Agile Toolkit)

jQuery Podcast 34 – Karl Swedberg pt. 2 (Ralph Whitbeck & Rey Bango)

Windows Weekly 174: Living The Wifestyle (Paul Thurrott)

Talking Shop Down Under Episode 29 – Scott Barnes says WPF is Dead (Richard Banks)

TWC9 – IE9 Beta, WP7 Tools, and The New Channel 9 with Duncan and Sampy (Dan Fernandez, Duncan Mackenzie, Mike Sampson)

Cloud Cover Episode 26 – Dynamic Workers (Ryan Dunn)


Community / Events

Events this Week – September 20th, 2010 (G. Andrew Duthie)

A fresh new look for Channel 9 (est. 2004) (Adam Kinney)

Microsoft for Students – ImagineCup 2011 (Dennis Delimarsky)

9 years at Microsoft (Sara Ford)



Manually Update Statistics on a SQL Server Database (Suprotim Agarwal)

SSIS: Assign a value to Variable using Dataflow Script task (Patrick LeBlanc)

SQL SERVER – 2008 R2 – PowerPivot for Microsoft Excel 2010 – RTM and SQL SERVER – SSRS 2008 R2 – MapGallery and Codeplex – World Map and SQL SERVER – How to Stop Growing Log File Too Big (Pinal Dave)

Experiences from writing sp_CascadingDataViewer – DB unit testing and code distribution (Jamie Thomson)

SELECT: If ON preceeds JOIN, then how…. (Jen McCown)



SharePoint compare differences in Word Documents (Greg Galipeau)

Setting up Sharepoint 2010 Development Environment on Windows 7 (Hanu K.)

Book Review: SharePoint 2010 Development with Visual Studio 2010 (Joel Oleson)

SharePoint – How to Create a Custom View to Display Tasks of Logged in User and SharePoint – Creating a Lookup column in a Custom List (Ravi Keshwani)



What is object oriented programming really all about? (Unknown Author)

Creating a IE9-like UI (Rudi Grobler)

New Manifest Manager Utility Available on CodePlex (Brian Noyes)

Creating an Application Bar (Kirupa C.)

.NET and the CAdES standard (alejacma)

Index Black Ops Part 2 – Page IO Latch, Page Latch (Anonymous)

Localized Ribbon Control for Windows Forms Applications (Bernhard Elbl)

MSDEV Videos on SQL Azure Detail Data Sync, Geo Replication, Firewall, Security (Bruce Kyle)

Bytes by MSDN: Clint Rutkas and Tim Huckaby (Bytes by MSDN)

The Engadget Show – 013: NASA Technologist Bobby Braun, exclusive mobile demos from TAT, Tim Wu on net neutrality, and more! (Chad Mumm)

WP7 Dev Tools, Control Toolkit and IE9 Beta are all LIVE! (Chris Koenig)

A Series of Unfortunate Reporting Services Events (Christopher Bennage)

Window Phone 7 Developer Tools + controls! (Coding4Fun)

Interview with Ken Schwaber, Part 3 (Dan Mezick)

Pictures, barcodes and effects–oh my (Darkside)

Links of the week #129 (David Vidmar)

Episode 116: Alan Stevens on Vision ( (David Giard))

Keep Your Eyes On The Road (Davy Brion)

Using the DatePicker Control in WP7 (Derik Whittaker)

Sketchflow in Real Scenarios – Final Webinar Agenda ( ( Svetla Stoycheva))

Before & After: A valuable resource for presenters (Garr Reynolds)

Data and Design: The Chicken and Egg Problem (Howard Dierking)

My First Andriod Application (hussain.attiya)

User Experiences: Evolving the blue “e” (ieblog)

User Experiences: Customizing Pinned Sites (ieblog)

Add-ons: Staying in control of your browsing experience (ieblog)

Query for index column information (Jamie Thomson)

sp_CascadingDataViewer version 1.1 (beta) released! (Jamie Thomson)

Welcome to the all new Channel 9 (Jeff Sandquist)

Word Count for OneNote 14 (jeffcardon)

Tap N Match a cool WP7 game ! Vote on Facebook ! (Jeremy)

Yet Another Podcast Show #1 – Alt dot net & Open Source (Jesse Liberty)

2 New How-Do-I Videos Published (Joe Stagner)

New RSS or ATOM feed for the Orchard Project ! (Joe Stagner)

Vlad, RVM and Bundler sittin’ in a tree (joeyDotNet)

Pex and Moles v0.94: MSBuild support for Moles (Jonathan de Halleux)

New PDC 2010 Workshops Announced (joneil)

Refactoring Step-Wise vs Wrapping and Delegating (jsonmez)

The Best Used Books in My Library (Jurgen Appelo)

Channel 9: Who We Are Now (Laura Foy)

The soothing sound of texting, R.I.P. (Luke)

CodeRush Screenshot of the Week – Adding Contracts to Methods (Mark Miller (DevExpress))

Ruby: Random Observations (Mark Needham)

Serious Games! (Michael Sahota)

Making Ideas Real (Microsoft Blog Admin)

How to show recruiters that you’re a creative problem solver (Microsoft JobsBlog)

WP7 Tools Receive Finishing Touch (Mitch Pronschinske)

WYSI-not-WYG: Living with their lies (Niels Matthijs)

Event Sourcing: Backup and Archiving Strategies (Jonathan Oliver)

#Ebook Deal of the Day: Python in a Nutshell, 2nd Ed – Only $9.99. Use code DDPNE (O’Reilly Media)

How to set up the Pomodoro Technique in your office (Giorgio Sironi)

When was the CHECKDB successful last time? (Pradeep Adiga)

Leadership Tip: The Problem With Non Technical Leadership In Software Development. (Rajiv Popat)

Seven don’ts for websites (rauschma)

Domain-Driven Design, Event Sourcing, Rx and Marble Diagrams (Rinat Abdullin)

Fair Use and Music in Podcasts (Rob Conery)

RTM’d Today: Microsoft® PowerPivot for Excel® 2010: Give Your Data Meaning (Rosemary Caperton)

The Best Controller for FPS – A SpaceTec SpaceOrb 360 Controller working with Windows 7 using Arduino and OrbShield (Scott Hanselman)

Principles of Software Design (Steve Smith)

Using Dynamic Parameters in a WebTest or LoadTest (Steve Smith)

An IIS Crash Analysis Story (Steve Smith)

Windows Server AppFabric Monitoring works with Oracle (10g XE) database? (Suren Machiraju)


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