Dew Dump – March 16, 2010

Sorry for the dump today. Getting ready to head over for MIX10 Day 2.


Architectural constructs (Simon Brown)

Structuring the software design process (Simon Brown) – great comparison site (Michael Kimsal)

Introducing Blend 4 – For Silverlight, WPF and Windows Phone (Christian Schormann)

Pessimistic Locking (Richard Carr)

.NET Rocks! – Phil Haack Introduces MVC 2 (Carl Franklin)

Bing API, Version 2 (MS Downloads)

Expression Blend 4 Beta Feature Overview available for download (Adam Kinney)

The Difference Between A Developer, A Programmer And A Computer Scientist (Alan Skorkin)

MIX10 Day 1 Keynote – Silverlight 4 and Windows Phone 7 Series (Me)

Interesting Finds: March 16, 2010 (Jason Haley)

VS 2008 CloudServiceItems.vsi (Jason Haley)

Silverlight 4 and RIA Services Release Candidate Available NOW (Brad Abrams)

Silverlight 4 + RIA Services – Ready for Business: Index (Brad Abrams)

The Morning Brew #560 (Chris Alcock)

REST: Resources, URI’s and Representations (Cory Isakson)

Prism – A Look Ahead (David Hill)

Silverlight 4 RC Announced, Plays Nice with Visual Studio Again (David Makogon)

Semantic Code: Migrating From A Chatty Interface To A Simple One With A Data Transfer Object (Derick Bailey)

A Type Safe IDataReader Wrapper (Derick Bailey)

Entity Framework 4.0: Optimal and horrible SQL (Gunnar Peipman)

Windows Phone Series 7 Emulator Images (Don Burnett)

MIX10 Day 1 wrap-up: five trends you might have missed (Ed Bott)

Tech Tweets for 15-Mar-2010 (Elijah Manor)

Do not name a class the same as its namespace, Part Three (Eric Lippert)

Events This Week – March 15th, 2010 (G. Andrew Duthie)

PS for your VS – PowerConsole a PowerShell console for VS 2010 (Greg Duncan)

Code Access Security and .NET 4.0 (Jason De Lorme)

How to know if you’re a coding optimist or pessimist (Jeremy D. Miller)

Windows Phone 7 Series actually looks pretty good (Joe Wilcox)

Silverlight TV 15: Announcing Silverlight 4 RC (John Papa)

Silverlight TV 14: Developing for Windows Phone 7 with Silverlight (John Papa)

The Book Shelf: Lean Software Development An Agile Toolkit (John V. Petersen)

Office OpenXML SDK 2.0 RTW (John Wiese)

The Silverlight definitive diff lists (Koen Zwikstra)

Surface + Dungeons and Dragons = Surfacescapes (Larry Larsen)

Windows Phone 7 Keynote Announcements from MIX 10 (Laura Foy)

Ping 52: Nic Fillingham, Windows Phone 7, XNA and Channel 9 Live (Laura Foy)

We’re at MIX! (Lyndsey Clevesy)

Using FTP to access Windows Azure Blob Storage (Maarten Balliauw)

Adventures in Scrum: Lesson 1 – The failed Sprint (Martin Hinshelwood)

Adventures in Scrum: Lesson 2 – For the record (Martin Hinshelwood)

Introduction to the Reactive Extensions for JavaScript – Wikipedia Lookup (Matthew Podwysocki)

Silverlight 4 RC and Windows Phone Marketplace Unveiled at MIX (Mitch P.)

VMware Hires Key NoSQL Developer (Mitch P.)

Daily Dose – XML Co-Inventor Joins Android Team; Scorns Apple (Mitch P.)

Three Windows Phone 7 Series devices, all in a row (Nilay Patel)

#Ebook Deal of the Day: 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know – Only $9.99! Use code DD97T (O’Reilly Media)

Jeff Handley on WCF RIA Services for Silverlight 4 (Pete Brown)

New Videos up on Channel 9: WPF with C++ and WCF RIA Services (Pete Brown)

Pete Blois on Windows Phone 7 in Blend 4 and Rooler (Pete Brown)

Silverlight 4 Release Candidate (RC) (Pete Brown)

Building your first Silverlight for Windows Phone Application (Pete Brown)

SQL SERVER – MAXDOP Settings to Limit Query to Run on Specific CPU (Pinal Dave)

SQL SERVER – Quick Note of Database Mirroring (Pinal Dave)

AgiliTrain Announces Two New Windows Phone Courses (Shawn Wildermuth)

Start preparing for the Silverlight Pivot control now (Silverlight Team)

Recap of MIX10 Day 1 (Silverlight Team)

SSMS – Please get keyboard shortcuts working for schemas (Simon Sabin)

Introducing Windows Phone 7 Development Tools (Somasegar)

Pluralcast # 11 : Parallel Programming in .NET 4 (David Starr)

Using Microsoft Surface for Agile Planning (Stephanie Saad)

Bing for Nokia S60 (Stimulant)

Sort Items in an XML file using LINQToXML and Load it in a Dictionary (Suprotim Agarwal)

Windows Phone 7 ROM Build (Taimur Asad)

The Silverlight 4 Release Candidate (Rene Schulte)

Mix Session: Windows Phone UI and Design Language (Christian Schormann)

New in the Silverlight 4 RC: XAML Features (David Poll)

A guide to what has changed in the Silverlight 4 RC (Tim Heuer)

Getting Started with Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 Development (Tim Heuer)

Visual Studio 2010 Text Clarity: ClearType Options (Paul Harrington)

Expanding Your Code with Outlining (Zain Naboulsi)


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