Dew Dump – June 13-15, 2009


It’s a new vacation-mode link post format, the Dew Dump! It’s everything you would normally find in a Dew Drop post, without any categorization, formatting, etc. I’ll post a couple more Dew Dumps this week, and then I’ll be back with the standard Dew Drop posts on Monday, June 22nd.

(This post is dedicated to Keyvan, and all of our developer colleagues in Iran.)


CodeStock, CodeStock… CODESTOCK!! ((author unknown))

ASP.NET MVC C# Linq to Stored procedure with Dynamic Query (a quick phone book, piece of Cake !) | ((author unknown))

Useful Visual Studio Shortcuts-Some new VS 2010 shortcuts included too ((author unknown))

Need to Know: Google Wave ((author unknown))

13 years later – Diablo finally available for Windows Mobile ((author unknown))

Increasing the ROI of our Automation – Ed Glas ((author unknown))

Work with the taskbar of Windows 7 in WPF applications – Sergey Zwezdin ((author unknown))

Microsoft’s CodePlex Releases First Outlook Add-on Software for Office 2010 ((author unknown))

Quick and Easy: Create Your Own jQuery Sandbox for SharePoint ((author unknown))

Quick and Easy: Use jQuery to Hide a Text Field on a SharePoint Form ((author unknown))

Quick and Easy: A Better Way to Use jQuery to Hide a Text Field on a SharePoint Form ((author unknown))

Discovering System.Linq.Expressions ((author unknown))

WPF 4 Beta 1 Designer – Looking Forward (Adam Kinney)

WPF 4 Beta 1 Designer – Styling Improvements (Adam Kinney)

WPF 4 Beta 1 Designer – Generating Master Detail Forms (Adam Kinney)

Interesting LINQ side affect, Pass in empty List using Contains and Get Where 0 == 1. Hmm (admin)

Video: Typemock Basics Tutorial – Lesson 2 (alashcraft)

Google Wave: Developer Preview and Hackathon (Andres Ferrate)

The fallacies of parallel computing (Ayende Rahien)

LINKBLOG for June 12, 2009 (AZuidhof)

LINKBLOG for June 14, 2009 (AZuidhof)

Dynamics Duo Rides again (Ben Riga)

Interesting Finds: June 12, 2009 ( (admin))

Nationwide – Mike Kaiser – Customer Proxy and the role of experimentation (

Requesting features for AutoMapper (bogardj)

Why opinionated input builders for ASP.NET MVC? (bogardj)

5S Qualities of Well Designed, Well-Factored Code (Brad Appleton)

BOOKS: The Passionate Programmer and the Nomadic Developer (Brad Appleton)

10-4 Episode 23: An Introduction to Manual Testing (Brian Keller)

How to Build Out-of-Browser Clients with Silverlight 3 (Bruce Kyle)

On the performance of “Opinionated Builders” (chadmyers)

The Morning Brew #367 (Chris Alcock)

The Morning Brew #368 (Chris Alcock)

My observations on the Avatar rules for XNA 3.1 Indie Games (Chris Williams)

Lightweight PGN parser in F# – Part I (ChrSmith)

Episode 66: Robert Fischer on Groovy, Grails, GORM and more ( (Michael Kimsal))

Versioning your Silverlight application (Corey)

Managed JScript on the DLR from Microsoft is DEAD!! WHY?!?? (crpietschmann)

This week on C9: XNA updates, Win 7 Training, VS 2010, build your own arcade (Dan Fernandez)

Parallel Stacks – new Visual Studio 2010 debugger window (Daniel Moth)

Friday Books – JavaScript: The Definitive Guide (Dave)

Twitter From ASP.NET – Direct Messages (Dave)

Silverlight Cream for June 14, 2009 — #613 (Dave Campbell)

Everyman Links for June 14, 2009 (daveburke)

Code Contracts Primer – Part 3: Providing Support for Unit Tests (Derik Whittaker)

ASP.NET 4.0: more control on viewstate management (despos)

Donovan Follette on making the shift from ADFS v1 to Geneva Server (Donovan Follette)

Microsoft fumbles the digital TV transition (Ed Bott)

Opinionated Input Builders Part 6 – Performance of the builders (erichexter)

Opinionated Input Builders – Part 7 More on Performance / Take 2. (erichexter)

How To Ask the Boss If You Can Work Remotely (Georgina Laidlaw)

Short Flight over VSTS 2010 and “Oslo (glenz)

Interesting Finds: 2009 06.01 ~ 06.14 (gOODiDEA)

Reducing Code Coupling – Service Locator (Grant)

Weekly Links #57 (Grant)

And Get Rid Of Those Pesky Programmers (Haacked)

Visual Studio Debugger: Break When Expression has Changed (habibh)

Public versus Private Clouds (hanuk)

IE8 Smart Address bar: What’s new (ieblog)

The Technology Post for June 11th, 2009 (Jason N. Gaylord)

The Technology Post for June 12th, 2009 (Jason N. Gaylord)

Issue with ADO.NET Sync Services and SQL Server 2000 (Jason N. Gaylord)

Programming Basics: The for loop can do more than increment an integer (jcteague)

The Wrong Level of Abstraction (Jeff Atwood)

VSTO: The Basics (Jennifer Marsman)

Is Programming A Generic Skill? ( (Justin Etheredge))

How Is Kanban Different From Other Approaches? (Karl Scotland)

WPF – Float Buttons Over Web Browser Control (Karl Shifflett)

Importing Large Xml Files to SQL Server Using SqlBulkCopy (Kim)

Agile Architecture Requires Modularity (kirk)

And Get Rid Of Those Pesky Programmers (Latest Microsoft Blogs)

MVVM ‘light’ toolkit for WPF and Silverlight (Laurent Bugnion)

Three Questions About Each Bug You Find (Leon Bambrick)

MSDN Freedom Roadshow: Windows 7 (lindsayr)

Coding Dojo #17: Refactoring Cruise Control .NET (Mark Needham)

Coding: Single Level of Abstraction Principle (Mark Needham)

F#: Overlapping fields in record types (Mark Needham)

F#: Using C# extension methods (Mark Needham)

Animations and MVVM (marlongrech)

Object housekeeping (MartinBell)

Table Variables and OUTPUT clause (MartinBell)

The Ultimate Top 25 Chuck Norris “The Programmer” Jokes (Max Pool)

CloudNews for 12th June, 2009 (Mayank Gupta)

MSDN Road Show – Don’t Miss It! (Michael Ceranski)

Review of The MSDN Road Show (Michael Ceranski)

An Early Look at Silverlight Model-View-ViewModel Toolkit 1 (Michael Sync)

TFS Build: _PublishedWebsites for exe and dll Projects (mikehadlow)

Create and Stylize Horizontal Navigation Menu from CSS lists using Microsoft Expression Web 2 (Part I) (Minal Agarwal)

I Installed Visual Web Developer 2008 Express with SP1 – and there is no Create New Project Option ! (Misfit Geek: msft)

Silverlight: Product Maintenance Application ( Part 1 – Authentication, Roles and Logging In ) (mtaulty)

Conversation with Ivan Acosta-Rubio and Bellatrix Martinez ( (Corey Haines))

I love 100% coverage! (Patrick Smacchia)

CppDepend Beta now available (Patrick Smacchia)

Sebastian Burckhardt – Data Race Detection with CHESS (Peli de Halleux)

SQL SERVER – Effect of Normalization on Index and Performance (pinaldave)

SQL SERVER – 2008 – SSMS Feature – Multi-server Queries (pinaldave)

SQL SERVER – Query Optimizer Hint ROBUST PLAN – Question to You (pinaldave)

Kudos to the Win7 Diagnostics Team (PowerShellTeam)

Mozilla puts Safari’s ’11 million downloads’ in perspective (pthurrott)

How do I deploy a Toolbox Control as a VSIX? (Quan)

Radio TFS 22: Dogfooding TFS (

Observing And Understanding Genuine Builders – Part 8 (Rajiv Popat)

WPF Bindings and CurrentCulture Formatting (Rick Strahl)

Discoveries This Week 06/14/2009 (RickM)

You’re Not Your Data Access (Rob Conery)

Caliburn v1 Release Candidate (Rob Eisenberg)

What is a Best Practice? (Robert L. Bogue)

Tool Shed Tooltip #1: Expression Encoder Plug-in to Silverlight Live, from Episode 1 (Russell Fustino)

Tool Shed Tooltip #2: Live Services, Virtual Earth, SQL 2008 Geospacial, from Episode 1 (Russell Fustino)

Tool Shed Tooltip #3: SysInternals from Episode 1 (Russell Fustino)

Tool Shed Tooltip #4: Fiddler from Episode 1 (Russell Fustino)

New and Notable 331 (Sam Gentile’s Blog (if (DeveloperTask == Communication && OS == Windows) )

CodePlex now supports projects hosting ads from The Lounge (and lots of other great new features too!) (saraford)

Tweak the Windows 7 Taskbar with Taskbar Overlord (sarahintampa)

Windows API Code Pack 0.90 (Sasha Goldshtein)

In how many ways can the Microsoft Ajax 4 syntax break XHTML? (Sebastien Lambla)

JavaScript: Not your father’s inheritance model – Part 1 (sergiopereira)

JavaScript: Not your father’s inheritance model – Part 2 (sergiopereira)

Tweak Windows 7 with Tweak 7 (Stephen Chapman)

Community Radio Episode One (Steve)

The CIA Pickup – a Windows Azure Sample (Steve Marx)

Actually, I’m a CIA Agent (Steve Marx)

Episode 138: Learning as a Part of Development with Allan Kelly ( (SE-Radio Team))

Google readying microblog search? (Tom Krazit)

Return of the PagedList (Troy Goode)

Domain Events – Salvation (udidahan)

Tip# 78: Did you know… How to navigate using Document Outline? (WebDevTools)

Iranian election uprising: Twitter tracks it real-time, Iranian bloggers evade ‘Net Censorship (Xeni Jardin)

Windows 7 RC Training Kit for Developers (Yochay Kiriaty)

Windows 7 Sensor and Location Platform – Deep Dive (Yochay Kiriaty)

Tip for naming columns and lists in SharePoint (Zac Smith)


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