Google Chrome FAIL

By | September 3, 2008

EDIT (2008-09-04 09:09) – Thanks to a tip from a commenter, I added the “no-sandbox” switch to my Chrome shortcut, and it’s now working for me.

EDIT (2008-09-02 08:35) – I uninstalled and re-installed via an elevated command prompt. Still the same results. Fail Folder.

This is all I see for any web page I try to open in Google Chrome. It appeared to install without a hitch.

Google Chrome FAIL

“Aw, Snap! Something went wrong while displaying this webpage. To continue, press Reload or go to another page.”

I dub thee “Google Fail Folder”:

Fail Folder

Anyone else see this problem? I’m running Vista 32-bit. I’ve already tried running the app as admin with no luck.

20 thoughts on “Google Chrome FAIL

  1. bjorn

    It installed perfectly on my home pc, and on a friends pc — however on my work pc I get the same result as you show. WinXP on all of them.

  2. Kyrie

    Hi Alvin,
    tough I had some minor problems installing the flash plugh on my chrome, I haven’t had any problem like yours … yet

  3. Eric Bresie

    Are you running a 64 bit version of Windows? You behind a proxy or firewall?

  4. Bryan Young

    I got the same error on the first page I went to (ironically, it was After restarting, I was able to run fine. A while later the whole browser crashed (not just a tab, as promised).

    I’m running on Vista too. I used bootcamp on my Mac for the first time in months.

  5. matt

    Vista 46 bit – works perfectly for me. I suspect this is a permissions problem & have you have something else running that is restricting access to something important. Have you got something like a virus protector running? or are running under restricted permissions?

  6. SeanJA

    No problems here, I installed it at work and used it all day (XP Pro) and at home (Vista). It works fine for me… have you tried reinstalling?

  7. Raphael

    Hey Alvin,

    We needed to add the following command line argument:
    C:Users\AppDataLocalGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe –no-sandbox

    greetings, Raphael

  8. Marcio

    “It installed perfectly on my home pc, and on a friends pc — however on my work pc I get the same result as you show. WinXP on all of them.”

    Maybe your work PC needs to work through a proxy.

  9. Alvin Ashcraft Post author

    I’m glad it is working for so many people out of the gate. 🙂

    Raphael — The ‘no-sandbox’ command-line switch works for me. Must be a security policy on my company’s domain. I have the same workstation setup on my home PC, and have no issues with Chrome. Thanks for the tip!

    Matt B. — I prefer “Snappy the Fail Folder” to “Sad Tab”.

  10. Leo

    Yep it is the fact your in a windows AD. Doing the -no-sandbox will work so google still needs to correct this…

  11. Backgammon Basics

    So far I have been using Chrome since its release. It is nice, but the lack of features makes it hard to use. With Mozilla Firefox you have all of the extensions in place to block ads, unwanted scripts, control web site styles, get weather updates, etc, etc. Chrome is SUPER basic.

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