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Dew Drop – September 19, 2012 (#1,404)

Top Links WebMatrix 2 – Front End Web Developers take note (ASP.NET, PHP, node.js and more) (Scott Hanselman) Things in C# you might have missed (Filip Ekberg) Roslyn September CTP 2012 Overview – API Changes, Using Modified APIs for C# Script Execution, Embedding C# as a scripting language (Anoop Madhusudanan) AT&T eyes October 21st for […]

Dew Drop – September 17, 2012 (#1,402)

Top Links Windows Phone 8 RTMs (Picturepan2) TFS 2012 Power Tools are now available! (Brian Harry) Layered Architecture Solution Guidance for 2012 (JD Meier) Layout of Test Explorer in Visual Studio 2012 and Searching and Grouping in VS 2012 Test Explorer and 101 Ways to Run Tests with Visual Studio 2012 (Deborah Kurata)   .NET […]

Dew Drop – September 7, 2012 (#1,396)

Top Links WebMatrix 2 is Released (Vishal R. Joshi) WebStorm 5.0 released: introduces Live Edit and Jade, better JSDoc and Sass/SCSS & more (Eugene Toporov) Hacking Node.js on WebMatrix 2 (Nathan Totten) Erik Meijer – Functional Programming From First Principles (Charles Torre)   .NET / Visual Studio Visual Studio 2012 Cookbook available (Brian Harry) C#/.NET […]