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Dew Drop – January 31, 2009

  Web Development How We Did It: Podcasting Kit for SharePoint (Dave Pae) Upgrading ASP.NET MVC to RC? Don’t Forget the Futures… (Shawn Wildermuth) jQuery Delete Link with Downlevel Support and ASP.NET MVC RC Refresh (Phil Haack) The ASP.NET Diet Part 1 – Making a Thin Contact Form (Chris Love) T4 Templates: A Quick-Start Guide for ASP.NET […]

Dew Drop – January 28, 2009

  Design / Methodology / Testing TDD: Design Tests for Failure (Mark Needham) House of Cards Design Anti-Pattern (Peter Ritchie) Points for Stories and the Perplexing Nature of Estimating Software and Practical Agile Is Not Just Notecards, Flowers, and Fairies (Jeffrey Palermo) The Significance of Code Reviews (Michael Ceranski) First Steps Toward Test Driven Design/Development (Muhammad Mosa) […]