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Dew Drop – May 29, 2009

  Design / Methodology / Testing Using Gallio with NCover (Andre Loker) Lifecycle of an open source project (Chad Myers) Anti-Patterns and Worst Practices – Monster Objects (Chris Missal) Pex 0.13 Released: Unit Tests as Inputs, Fuzzing and Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1, F# Beta 1 support (Nikolai Tillman) Taming the Pex beast: Well-behaved enums, […]

Dew Drop – April 8, 2009

  Design / Methodology / Testing The Agile Startup: Build and Deploy (James Shore) IndyHall 201: The Iterative Process (Geoff DiMasi & Alex Hillman) Back on Repositories and Paging. Introducing Reporting. (Jérémie Chassaing) CRISP Builds and BOOK: Clean Code – A Handbook of Software Craftsmanship (Brad Appleton) 5 Ways to Get Your Clients to Follow Your […]

Dew Drop – March 25, 2009

  Design / Methodology / Testing Size Matters (Leon Gersing) Idealistic vs. Practical (Christopher Bennage) Entities: Required Properties And Properties That Shouldn’t Be Modified (Davy Brion) Why “No Issues” Is Not An Acceptable Answer (Derick Bailey) Architecture By Baseball: The Presentation (Larry Clarkin) Simple Usability (Phil Haack) QTB: Lean Times Require Lean Thinking (Mark Needham) […]