Video: A Kick-Ass evening of S#harp Architecture with Billy McCafferty

Posting the video from Viddler for those who did not get to attend this live webcast.

From the Virtual ALT.NET Google Group:

Who is and what makes this Billy McCafferty guy tick? Well he is a long time developer and a hopeless romantic when it comes to writing beautiful software. Billy currently leads a double life between helping to run a small training and consulting company known as Codai (which will be getting a new website very very soon) and filling the role of lead developer and architect with Parsons Brinckerhoff. After Billy gets his life back – which should be after the release of S#arp Architecture 1.0 – expect to see him soon at ALT.NET and other development conferences.

In this video from the April 22nd Virtual ALT.NET (VAN) meeting, Billy demonstrates the latest cut of S#harp Architecture 1.0 with a 45-50 minute non-PPT presentation.