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Q&A: Meet Kevin Hazzard & Jason Bock – Authors of Metaprogramming in .NET

Manning Publications has just released a new title, Metaprogramming in .NET by Kevin Hazzard and Jason Bock. The PDF eBook is currently available in its final form (ePub and Kindle formats due on January 15th) and the print book will be available on December 28th. I recently had the opportunity to ask them a few […]

“Hello, World” Aspect

  AOP in .NET By Matthew Groves Aspect-oriented programming is a technique that is complementary to object-oriented programming (OOP). The goal of AOP is to reduce repetitive, boilerplate code. This article, based on AOP in .NET, walks you through a very basic "Hello, World" example of using AOP in .NET. He breaks apart that example […]