Dew Dump – February 17, 2010


SharePoint Server 2010 (Part 3 of 8): Customizing Search Results (MS Podcasts)

Integrating Twitter Into An ASP.NET Website (Scott Mitchell)

Watch our for this Azure billing issue (James Clarke)

Review: Windows Live Writer Backup (Andy Warren)

Announced: Windows Phone 7 Series (Christian Schormann)

VersionControlTools (Martin Fowler)

Microsoft’s Education Labs Releases "Microsoft Flashcards" (Blake Handler)

.NET Rocks! – NASA Pathfindier Innovation Challenge (Carl Franklin)

AutoPex (Jason Bock)

New tutorials page aggregating recent work, 34 for launch (Adam Kinney)

Silverlight Template Launched (Alex Knight)

How I use Social Media: Part 3–Blogging (Amy Blankenship)

Data Binding SharePoint 2010 List Items in Silverlight 3 (Andrew Connell)

Roadmap (or lack there of) of my Visual Studio DX CodeRush/Refactor SharePoint Extensions (Andrew Connell)

Redirect from Http to Https in ASP.NET (ASP.NET Daily Articles)

Intermittently the Server sends back 0 byte WebResource.axd and ScriptResource.axd files (Tom)

Interesting Finds: February 17, 2010 (Jason Haley)

10-4 Episode 41: Downloading and Installing the Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate (Brian Keller)

SQL Server Service Packs Scheduled (Bruce Kyle)

Code that Writes Code – A Good Idea or Not? (Buck Woody)

The Morning Brew #541 (Chris Alcock)

Customize the ribbon programmatically from web parts and field controls (Chris O’Brien)

TweetCraft 2.0 released! (Coding4Fun)

TweetCraft 2.0 source code posted! (Coding4Fun)

Episode 45: Making Sense of What Was Oslo with Lars Corneliussen (Keith Elder & Chris Woodruff)

Silverlight Cream for February 17, 2010 — #799 (Dave Campbell)

Episode #163: Larning how to use the Extract Interface Technique (Derik Whittaker)

Free ebook: Understanding Microsoft Virtualization R2 Solutions (Devon Musgrave)

User controls should never make redirects during GET request (Gunnar Peipman)

Dynamic Infrastructure Toolkit for System Center (DIT-SC): Sneak peek into “on-boarding” (Dynamic DC Alliance)

Seven big questions about the new Windows Phone 7 Series (Ed Bott)

Tech Tweets for 16-Feb-2010 (Elijah Manor)

Tech Tweets for 17-Feb-2010 (Elijah Manor)

CQRS, Task Based UIs, Event Sourcing agh! (Greg Young)

“Understanding Microsoft Virtualization R2 Solutions” – The free, 466 page, eBook (only available until the end of February 2010) (Greg Duncan)

Weakly Typed Dynamic Languages and Natural Selection (Harry Pierson)

New Show! Microsoft Health Tech Today (hlthblog)

Search Providers: Best Practices on Setting the Default (ieblog)

System.Configuration.ConfigurationErrosException “Unrecognized element ‘setting’” and other unrecognized elements (Tess Ferrandez)

VMs for Web and Worker Roles in Windows Azure (J.D. Meier)

Git E-VAN recording (James Gregory)

Run XP Mode on Windows 7 Machines Without Hardware Virtualization [Virtualization] (Jason Fitzpatrick)

Favorite VS2010 Features: Layer Validation (Jason Zander)

Suggest and Vote for WPF v.Next Features (Jay Esguerra)

Sites I Follow for Insight and Inspiration (JD Meier)

A Simple Refactoring – Functions in the WHERE Clause (Jeremiah Peschka)

Entrenched Developers (Julian M. Bucknall)

Aggregate Roots and Shared Data (Jonathan Oliver)

Domain Models, Aggregate Roots, and Lookup Tables (Jonathan Oliver)

1,300 arrive in Redmond today for the 2010 MVP Summit (Joseph Mirabella)

Entity Framework Lazy Loading by Context or by Property? (Julie Lerman)

Bruce McKinney on Visual Basic.NET (Kathleen Dollard)

Alcatel-Lucent Empowers Developers With A Sandbox On The Cloud (Krishnan Subramanian)

XBMC Integration Integrates XBMC with Windows 7 Media Center [Downloads] (Lisa Hoover)

Jump in! camp – Call for participants (Maarten Balliauw)

Rules of Thumb: Don’t use the session (Mark Needham)

Google Buzz Now Available via Yahoo’s YQL (Matthew Casperson)

Microsoft Office 2010 Gets More Social (Microsoft Blog Admin)

Three days in the Pacific Northwest: the Microsoft Interview (Microsoft JobsBlog)

Sacred Cows? (Mike Cottmeyer)

Silverlight 4 Beta Networking. Part 5 – HTTP Methods/Stacks (Mike Taulty)

Silverlight 4 Beta Networking. Part 6 – HTTP and Basic Authentication (Mike Taulty)

Dynamic Master Pages in MVC (Mike Ceranski)

New MEF Drop (Preview 9) on CodePlex! (Mike Taulty)

Silverlight Bootcamp at MIX10 (Mike Taulty)

DZone Tutorial – Rapid Prototyping with SketchFlow in Expression Blend 3 (12 Part Series) (Nitin Bharti)

Connecting Visual Studio 2008 to Team Foundation Server 2010 (Nick Berardi)

The 17th of Diduary: Did you know you can now control the behavior of the Start Page in Visual Studio? (Jeff Blankenburg)

Office 2010 Application Compatibility Sweepstakes (Office Team)

More odd behavior – DynamicObject this time (Oliver Sturm)

Mirroring: Witness misconceptions in High-Performance (Ted Krueger)

NDepend v3 RC available (Patrick Smacchia)

Getting Started with WPF : Button Control Part 2 – Basic Styling (Pete Brown)

SQLAuthority News – SQL Server Technical Article – The Data Loading Performance Guide (Pinal Dave)

SQL SERVER – Plan Recompilation and Reduce Recompilation – Performance Tuning (Pinal Dave)

XamlSchemaContext/XamlType/XamlMember – a command line example (Rob Relyea)

Applying MVVM in the VS10 XAML designer (Rockford Lhotka)

Facebook for Windows Phones Updated (Sarah Perez)

Are We Training Our Customers to Be Dumb? (Sasha Goldshtein)

Speaking at the Lean Software and Systems Consortium Conference in April (Scott Bellware)

Wednesday linkfest (Scott Berkun)

Hanselminutes Podcast 200 – Jon Skeet! (Scott Hanselman)

Building an Embodied Social Proxy or Crazy Webcam Remote Cart Thing (Scott Hanselman)

FIX: It is an error to use a section registered as allowDefinition=’MachineToApplication’ beyond application level. This error can be caused by a virtual directory not being configured as an application in IIS (Scott Mitchell)

Filtering by joining is difficult to optimise (Simon Sabin)

Enabling a Button on the Ribbon Based on Selection (SharePoint Team)

SSIS 2008 Script Component variable gotcha.. (sqlrunner)

Links (2/16/2010) (Steve Pietrek)

HTC HD2 Caught Running Windows Phone 7 Series (Taimur Asad)

Help me pick the mini-apps that we?ll design together at MIX10 (The Official Microsoft Silverlight Site)

Improve Your Blogging Abilities With a New e-Book (Thursday Bram)

WPF in Visual Studio 2010 – Part 1 : Introduction (visualstudioblog)

CodeStock 2010 – Call For Speakers (Wally McClure)

New Video Series Helps Illustrate "Why Windows Azure?" (WindowsAzure)

JavaScript Code Snippets — vstipEdit0019 (Zain Naboulsi)

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