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Dew Drop – August 17, 2011

Top Links The easy way to set up NuGet to restore packages (David Ebbo) Can Microsoft ‘fix’ JavaScript and make HTML5 applications viable? (Colin Eberhardt) "BECAUSE WE’RE ALL PERSONS": EMPATHY AND OPEN SOURCE (Mattt Thompson) I’m a phony. Are you? (Scott Hanselman)   .NET / Visual Studio Some special monads in F# – Part 5 […]

Dew Drop – June 29, 2009

  .NET / Visual Studio Moving the Mouse Pointer Programmatically and Hiding the Mouse Pointer (Richard Carr) MSpec… for Boo! (Aaron Jensen) Creating audio signals in .Net (Coding4Fun) F#: Setting properties like named parameters (Mark Needham) Generating Code with Visual Studio’s T4 (Michael Ceranski) Changing Configuration Settings in a Desktop Client Application (Rick Strahl) Microsoft Enterprise […]