Dew Drop – January 9, 2017 (#2399)

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Mastering Xamarin.Forms: Ed Snider: 9781785287190: Books

ISBN: 1785287192
ISBN-13: 9781785287190

0 thoughts on “Dew Drop – January 9, 2017 (#2399)

  • Your anchor tags for

    Building a Google Chrome Extension with Couchbase and Angular 2
    Create a Desktop App that Syncs using Electron, PouchDB, Ionic 2 and Couchbase (Nic Raboy)

    both point to “http://localhost:8080”

    • Weird. Those links are built by a Windows Live Writer plugin with data from a feed from I guess those articles came through with empty Url’s. I’ll remove the links and keep an eye on Nic’s posts in the future. Thanks!

      • It was the first time I’d seen it happen, so I figured it was just a glitch in the integration or OP.

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