Dew Drop – July 15, 2009


No time for groupings today. Sorry, folks! Be back tomorrow with a regular post.


.NET Rocks! – Brian Noyes on Workflow 4.0 (Carl Franklin)

Enumerating a user secure certificate store in C# (Tom Hearn)

An Overview of Partial Classes and Partial Methods (Scott Mitchell)

Lying as a valid coding pattern (Oren Eini)

Bart’s Control Library – Not What You Think It Is – part 2 (Bart de Smet)

BingTweets Debuts (Bing)

Just say no to ‘Poor Man’s Dependency Injection’. (Chad Myers)

The Morning Brew #390 (Chris Alcock)

An Evening of DSLs (Chris Canal)

Testing Silverlight from Windows Live Writer (Corey Schuman)

Silverlight Cream for July 14, 2009 — #639 (Dave Campbell)

2009 Silverlight Control Builder Contest is live! (Dave Campbell)

One Entire Week of SlickEdit 2009 (Dave Campbell)

MOQ Mothers (David Starr)

EMTF 2.0 Beta released (Dennis Dietric)

Database ID: Int vs. BigInt vs. GUID (Derick Bailey)

Using Element to Element Binding for ToolTips in Silverlight 3 (Dan Wahlin)

Compiling .NET with Rake: Some Updates and More Details (Erik Base)

The Law of Demeter Is Not A Dot Counting Exercise (Phil Haack)

Agile Fails Better (Ian Cooper)

A SQL Server at every port (Ivan Wilson)

MVP TV: Real World TFS: Tips for a Successful Team System Implementation (Jas Dhaliwal)

Giving Your MVC Views an Identity (JC Teague)

Meta Is Murder (Jeff Atwood)

Super User Semi-Private Beta Begins (Jeff Atwood)

Announcing the MVVM Foundation library (Josh Smith)

About Project Success and Failure (Jurgen Appelo)

Back in Stock with 5-Star Reviews — Windows Internals 5th Edition (Kim Spilker)

Having Fun with the New Editor in VS 2010 (Kirill Osenkov)

Agile Transitions – BANG! (Kirk)

Book Club: An agile approach to a legacy system (Chris Stevenson and Andy Pols) (Mark Needham)

Guids and compression (Martin Bell)

Must Read Blogs for Developers (Michael Ceranski)

Cloud Computing with Windows Azure (Michael Ceranski)

Using the ASP.NET AJAX Editor Control to Implement In-Place Content Editing. (Joe Stagner)

Day #14: Perspective 3D In Silverlight 3 (Jeff Blankenburg)

Day #15: Silverlight Charting (Jeff Blankenburg)

A Focus on Search User Experience (ntreloar)

Google Wave API Presentations: Now Online (Pamela Fox)

Building a Presentation Framework with Prism for Silverlight (John Papa)

Weekly Release: New Font Sizes, Backgrounds and Bug Fixes (Peldi Guilizzoni)

Patrice Godefroid – Automated Whitebox Fuzz Testing with SAGE (Peli de Halleux)

Creating a Silverlight WCF Binary Encoding Client in Code (Pete Brown)

Restricting Access to your WCF Service to a known Silverlight Client (Pete Brown)

SQL SERVER – Restore Sequence and Understanding NORECOVERY and RECOVERY (Pinal Dave)

Episode 76 – PowerScripting Podcast – Don Jones Talks Security (Jonathan Walz & Hal Rottenberg)

Final Approved Verb List for Windows PowerShell 2.0 (PowerShellTeam)

Building Remarkable Work And Play Environments – Part 5. (Rajiv Popat)

LINQ to SQL and Transactions (Rick Strahl)

.NET 2.0+ ActiveX Controls Part 2 – Controlling Internet Explorer via IWebBrowser (Rick Minerich)

More On SubSonic’s Simple Repository (Rob Conery)

New and Notable 341 (Sam Gentile)

CloudNews for 14th July, 2009 (Sameer Gupta)

Sobees Goes Silverlight, Delivers the Real-Time Web to your Browser (Sarah Perez)

It’s a Man-Bag – Muzetto Laptop Messenger Bag Review (Scott Hanselman)

Windows Azure, SQL Azure and .NET Services pricing announced (Denis Gobo)

New Overview for all TFS Migration / Integration Tools (Stephanie Saad)

Securing Dynamic Data Preview 4 Refresh – Part 3 (Steve Naughton)

Windows 7 RTM Information – in case you did not see this (MSDN)

Deep Zoom Composer Updated – July 2009 / Release Candidate (Sunshine)

What is "news", and what is "unethical"? (Ted Neward)

Tasks graduates from Gmail Labs (The Gmail Team)

Silverlight 3: Cached Assemblies and you can to! (Tim Heuer)

Twenty (20) Rich Text Editors to use in your applications (Tobias Zimmergren)

Netcast #16 – Rated XML (Todd O. Klindt)

Implementing EnrichWith(of StructureMap) with Castle (Tuna Toksoz)

Confirming Commercial Availability and Announcing Business Model (Windows Azure Team)

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