Daily Dose of Links – 20071119

XNA Framework Networking and LIVE Requirements

Immutability in C# Part 1: Kinds of Immutability (via Arjan’s World)

November CTP of SQL Server 2008 (CTP 5) Almost Done (via WinBeta)

A Book About Continuous Integration

LINQ Provider for Flickr: LINQ Flickr (1.0.1) – Tech Refresh

Fax .NET: Fax .NET (Beta)

Frequently Asked Questions in .NET 2.0 (via DotNetKicks)

JScript IntelliSense: A Reference for the "Reference" Tag (via Scott Guthrie)

ASP.NET MVC Framework – List and Save Data (via DotNetKicks)

How Would You Spend $100 on MSBuild? (via WinBeta)

How to Make Your Code Completely Unreadable with .NET 3.5

Extension Method Best Practices?

Visual Studio 2008 Build Version 9.0.21022.08


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Daily Dose of Links – 20071116

550 Web APIs

How to Videos: Using ASP.NET AJAX Controls with Visual Studio

Don’t Unit Test? Start Counting Your "Oh Shits!" (via Arjan’s World)

Speed Up Inserting Records into Database with SqlBulkCopy Class (via Arjan’s World)

Sending Email in C# Through Gmail (via Arjan’s World)

Exploring One of MS AJAX’s Often Overlooked Features (via DotNetKicks)

15 -Hot- Tools That Made Me a Coding Paris Hilton (via DotNetKicks)

Lambdas and Closures and Currying. Oh My! (Part 2) (via DotNetKicks)

XNA Game Studio 2.0 Beta Available Soon

Visual Studio 2008, WCF Service Libraries, and CTRL-F5


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