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My name is Alvin Ashcraft. I am a Microsoft Visual C# MVP, husband, father, .NET developer and geek. I have 19 years of software development experience in the Healthcare, Financial and Manufacturing industries primarily using Microsoft tools.

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Skype: alvinashcraft

Hangouts: alashcraft[at]

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4 thoughts on “More About Me

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  2. Christoph


    thanks for the good work, I read your news daily and often find useful articles. I just got a phone and saw your windows phone app and thought I give it a go. But … you can’t be seriours about the requirements! Why would you need access to all my private details???

    1. Alvin A. Post author

      Hi Christoph. Thanks for raising this concern. Actually, the app is just a Windows Phone App Studio app that retrieves feed data from my site. I did not remove any of the ‘capabilities’ listed by default in the configuration as I should have before submitting the app to the store. I will be releasing an update soon which will be a Universal App for both WinPhone and Win8.1. I will make sure to remove those items from the config which to not apply to my app. The app does not need or use any private user details.


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