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Dew Drop – December 16, 2014 (#1916)

Top Links Xamarin Android Player Update Brings New Features & Devices (James Montemagno) Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Update 5 CTP 1 (MS Downloads) Open Source, Cross Platform .NET: Round One to Microsoft (Andrew J. Brust) My experience with Hour of Code (Bill Wagner)   Web Development Capture photo and save on the disk in WinJS […]

Dew Drop – October 24, 2014 (#1884)

Top Links Hanselminutes – Selecting the Ultimate Developer Laptop with Damian Edwards (Scott Hanselman) Surface division on track to be Microsoft’s next $1 billion business (John Callaham) Violating the “smart enum” pattern in C# (Jon Skeet) Xamarin Tools: Components, Components, Components! (Wallace McClure)   Web Development You Cannot Link Attribute Interpolation Multiple Times In AngularJS […]

Dew Drop – October 20, 2014 (#1880)

Top Links Microsoft to launch its wearable fitness band in coming weeks (Tom Warren) What was going on in 1984 that made so many women give up on computer science? (David Voyles) Chocolatey Kickstarter–Help Me Take Chocolatey to the Next Level (Rob Reynolds) Put yourself out there and publish that Open Source project today (Scott […]