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Dew Drop – April 29, 2009

Design / Methodology / Testing More Articles on Trust (Brad Appleton) Stop Using Process Template X with Process Y (David Starr) – Link of the Day The insurance of software, or “How to take joy in being risk-averse” (Kyle Baley) Empowered, Whether You Like It or Not (Jurgen Appelo) Strategic Design (Jérémie Chassaing) Web Development […]

Dew Drop – February 20, 2009

  Web Development Creating RSS Feeds Using ASP.NET 3.5 (Kevin Miller) Learning jQuery (G. Andrew Duthie) Spiff Up Your ASP.NET MVC Forms with jQuery (Justin Etheredge) Ask SM [CSS/JS]: Divs of Equal Height, Dealing with IE 6 (Chris Coyier) Default Control Focus with ASP.NET Master Pages and LINQ (Malcolm Sheridan) Oxite Updated (Sarah Perez) The […]