The Dew Review – 60 Android Hacks (MEAP) (Win an eBook too)

EDIT: Congrats to eBook winners Terrance S. and Freek U! You will be receiving your eBooks soon.

So, you just saw all of Google’s big announcements at their I/O conference today and you want to build a cool new app for the new Nexus 7 tablet. If you have some experience developing on the platform but want to take your skills up a notch with some handy tips and tricks, you should check out a new title from Manning Publications.sessa_cover150

60 Android Hacks by Carlos Sessa is currently in MEAP (Manning Early Access Program) with 23 of the 60 sections (hacks) currently available. I was given a chance to review the current version of the book over the last couple of weeks.

The Hacks are grouped into categories including Layout, Animation, Tools, and Patterns. Most of the hacks explain the purpose of the hack, provide some sample code and then walk through the code step by step. Any relevant links to Android SDK online documentation or other tools are provided at the end of each hack. The hacks are useful and easy to understand. It is evident that the author is an experienced Android developer. I have enjoyed what I have read so far and made use of several of the tips in a project of my own.

There are some hacks unavailable in the current MEAP that I am looking forward to reading. The Fragmentation section should prove to be very helpful with all the different version of Android out in the wild.

I encourage you to check it out for yourself. If you purchase a MEAP copy of the eBook, you will get regular updates and a copy of the final version of the eBook.

The Giveaway

Manning has offered to give an eBook copy to two lucky readers. Just leave a comment below and let me know your favorite mobile platform (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, etc.) I will choose two random commenters with valid email addresses. The answer will have no bearing on your chance of winning. Multiple entries will not increase your chances of winning. You can enter between now and July 5, 2012 11:59pm. I will choose and contact the winners on July 6, 2012.

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The Dew Review – Silverlight 4 in Action by Pete Brown

So, I am finally getting around to writing some long-overdue reviews. First up is a great new Silverlight book from Manning PublicationsSilverlight 4 in Action, authored by Pete Brown. This is a revised (and expanded and totally revamped) edition of Silverlight 2 in Action by Chad Campbell and John Stockton.

(Full disclosure: I was given a free copy of the eBook for review. However, I had already purchased the MEAP (Manning Early Access Preview) and pre-ordered the print edition of the book earlier this year.)

In short, I absolutely recommend this book. It makes a great introduction to Silverlight and the ultimate reference for experienced developers, all in one book.

I will spare you a rehashing of the table of contents, but the content of book really flows nicely from introductory material to some more advanced topics. There aren’t many parts of the book I would consider optional for serious Silverlight developers. Sometimes when I am reading a tech book, I will feel compelled to skip a section or even an entire chapter because I don’t feel it is relevant to my own practices. Here I think I skimmed a few pages in Chapter 19 – Printing, but that is about it.

If you are a Silverlight developer, looking to move into that space or even have a casual interest in the technology, you will find Silverlight 4 in Action an indispensable guide.

Silverlight 4 in Action by Pete Brown