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Dew Drop – May 6, 2009

  Web Development jQuery UI DatePicker instead of AJAX Control Toolkit CalendarExtender in ASP.NET (Arnold Matusz) JSMag May 2009 now available (Michael Kimsal) Customizing ASP.NET’s CreateUserWizard Control To Display a Fixed Set of Security Questions (Scott Mitchell) PTOM: Breaking Free from HttpContext (Colin Ramsay) jQuery – Accordion and DotNetNuke CSS in your Module Settings (Dave […]

Dew Drop – March 24, 2009

  Silverlight / WPF Boss Launch Beta (Andy Beaulieu) Silverlight RPG: Steel Saga (Avi Pilosof) Silverlight 3 Beta – Downloads You May Have Missed (Bart Czernicki) Compile your XNA 2D games to run in Silverlight with SilverSprite (Bill Reiss) Silverlight, XAML & Prism: Diving in Head First at the Shallow End of the Pool (Bobby […]