Daily Dose of Links – 20071112

Translation Widgets for Your Site (Microsoft and Google)

Free Rich Text Editor (RTE) Control For ASP.NET AJAX (via Brad Abrams)

Don Box says VS2008 Coming Next Thursday? (via Sam Gentile and Arjan’s World)

The ?? Operator and Its Use Case (via DotNetKicks)

Adding Row Number to SQL SELECT Result Set (via DotNetKicks)

The Weekly Source Code 11- LOLCode DLR Edition – ScottHa

FastCGI Extension for IIS 6 (Host PHP apps in IIS)

Software Developers vs. Software Artists

They Can Steal Your Code, but They Can’t Steal Your Creativity!!

Huge Code Drop Coming!!!!!!

Some Bonus Links – Not Directly Programming-Related

Pioneer 50" ELITE KURO Flat Panel HDTV (PRO-1150HD)

Desktop Factory 125ci 3D Printer

NatureMill – Compost. Clean. Green. Easy.

Ice Energy – Ice Bear 50 – Residential Ice Storage Air-Conditioner

LG Hybrid HD Optical Drive (GGW-H20LI) (Write Blu-Ray and Read Blu-Ray/HD-DVD)

B&W Zeppelin Speakers for iPod

Accordion Hero, Need We Say More?

abcAVI Tag Editor (A stand-alone utility for viewing/editing tags in AVI files.)

Daily Dose of Links 20071110

Learn how to create custom LINQ providers.

Set and Receive Task Reminders in Google Talk with Twitter Timer (via Lifehacker)

Is It Time for 64-bit on the Desktop?

Introducing Video.Show: A Silverlight Reference-Quality Sample

Continuous Performance Management (via Arjan’s World)

MVC or MVP Pattern – What’s the Difference? (via DotNetKicks)

If you spend a lot of time in Yahoo Groups or Google Groups, try consolidating them with Grouply, currently in beta. (via Go2Web20.net)

Microsoft Software + Services Blueprints (via MS Public Sector Developer Weblog)


Embeddable IM Control

Some ASP.NET MVC Demo Source Code from ScottHa (via DotNetKicks)

Build and Publish Web Sites with Popfly Explorer Beta

OpenWinForms – open source windows forms and controls (via DotNetKicks)

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Daily Dose of Links – 20071109

ASP.NET MVC Framework will have first CTP in ‘next few weeks’ (via DotNetKicks)

Code Metrics in Visual Studio 2008 (via DotNetKicks)

The State of Blu-Ray

Blockbuster Planning In-Store Movie Download Kiosks (for the five people in the neighborhood who don’t have an Internet connection)

Adobe Says Photoshop Express Online App Coming This Year (via Gizmodo)

YouTube Releases Multi-File Uploader; Raises File Size Limit to 1GB (Get the Uploader)


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